Private Client Group Services

When you are seeking the discrete, professional insurance services required to handle your private estate, you want to ensure that the agent you partner with has the wherewithal to address your current exposures while helping avoid future potential risks. At Boyle Insurance Agency in Memphis and Nashville, TN, we have years of experience handling the insurance and risk management services for affluent clients. Moreover, the agent who heads our private client group services department niche has personal knowledge of the exposures that are unique to high-value homeowners.

Whether you are an individual seeking coverage for you and your family or a family office seeking assistance from an agent personally connected to the private client group services arena, look no further than our Tennessee independent insurance agency.

Our Approach to Protecting You

The true value in working with an independent insurance agent comes not from the policies themselves, but from the education and personal attention you receive. As an independent agency, our goal is to make sure you have the coverage you need, when you need it.

A large part of our private client group services includes periodic reviews at least once a year to analyze your property schedules, go over any new purchases (such as homes, art, vineyards or wine collections), and then update your coverage as needed. We are just as happy suggesting downgrading your insurance as we are encouraging new policies when necessary. We also discuss in detail the steps you can take now to protect your family, home and belongings to avoid future loss.

The Necessity of Umbrella Insurance

If your assets are worth more than the liability limits set by your home, auto and other liability policies, you need to consider carrying umbrella insurance. An umbrella policy offers excess personal liability coverage in the event that your base policy’s limits are exhausted (such as a severe car accident) or where your base policy does not provide protection (such as slander and libel claims). With this coverage in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family cannot be harmed by others looking to dig into deep pockets.

Private Client Group Services

We offer a variety of personal insurance policies in addition to umbrella insurance for our private clients:

  • Specialty auto insurance, especially for custom vehicles such as custom bikes and classic or collector cars
  • Employers liability insurance, along with workers compensation, offer valuable protection for you and your family if you employ domestic employees
  • High-value personal property, including jewelry, artwork, wine cellars and other collections, should be scheduled so they get the appropriate coverage
  • Kidnap and ransom insurance, which covers ransom requests, death or dismemberment benefits, legal costs, and related travel and accommodation expenses
  • Private travel insurance, to protect your international travel and provide worldwide medical coverage in the event of an accident
  • Special event insurance, including wedding insurance, so you know you are covered should something cause you to cancel your plans
  • Vacation home insurance, including second homes located in other states

Reach out to our team to learn which policies will best suit your needs.

Contact Boyle Insurance Agency for More Information

For a free insurance quote or policy review, contact our Memphis or Nashville Insurance Agency to speak with someone in our private client group services department. We are licensed in most states, which allows us to address multi-state property and handle multi-state risks.