Senior Care Risk Management & Insurance

Senior living programs insurance policies, when done right, offer you the custom insurance coverage and the risk management programs you need to keep your program safe, up to code and in compliance. At Boyle Insurance Agency in Tennessee, we have the detailed experience and knowledge to help you meet your goals. We know what you need, what your concerns are, and what risks often appear in businesses such as Alzheimer’s adult day cares, and how to best assist you in reducing your exposures.

Boyle opened its doors in Memphis in 1933. Since then, our expertise and reach has broadened to enable us to assist senior care providers from the Carolinas all the way through the Southeast over to Oklahoma.

Senior Living and Nursing Home Risk Management Programs

One of the most valuable services we can provide your senior living community is risk management. We have access to loss control experts who can work with you to review your record keeping and record storing processes, especially those related to drug records. We can then offer you effective ways to reduce risk and exposures, not only from a property stand point, but more important, from a professional liability point of view.

We can conduct elopement management classes and assist in creating slip-and-fall models that can help you limit these large risks. Contact Boyle Insurance for more information.

Center and Home Care Providers Insurance

In addition to risk management, our senior care and home care providers insurance services include:

  • Property insurance, with customized enhancements such as medi-vac insurance (transport program)
  • General liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance, including health care employees, abuse and molestation liability, coverage for medication errors, and elopement
  • Commercial umbrella coverage, for greater liability protection
  • Auto liability, including transport, owned, and non-owned liability

If you are a home care medical provider, speak to us about insuring your business by providing you with the right professional liability insurance and also protecting your family. We can be your agency for all your business and personal insurance needs, providing you with the ease of managing your coverage and offering you potential discounts you can only receive by bundling your insurance through us.

Choose Boyle for your Senior Living Programs Insurance

Years ago, senior vice president Steve Peay took it upon himself to learn the senior living business, how you operate and stay abreast of your rapidly changing industry. He has since earned a national reputation for being one of a select few agents with the specialized knowledge required to craft insurance coverage, risk management support and offer online loss control programs. Steve often travels to association meetings and conferences to speak on this topic.

Learn more about our senior living and nursing home risk management and insurance programs. Contact our Memphis or Nashville Insurance Agency today for an assessment of your risks, a review of your coverage and a discussion of your options. We look forward to serving you.