At Boyle Insurance Agency, we assist a variety of businesses that require tailored cyber liability and IT insurance policies to protect against electronic data breaches, including law firms, doctor offices, financial planners, banks, restaurants, bars, retail shops and IT consultants. If you are unsure about whether you need this type of coverage, ask yourself one question: Do I host personally identifiable or private information on my company computer or online? If the answer to that question is “yes,” then you need data insurance.

Cyber Liability and Data Insurance

Cyber liability insurance offers coverage for a variety of computer- and Internet-based risks, including virus transmission, copyright infringement, identity theft and more. There are several points that every Tennessee business owner must know about data insurance specifically:

  • Traditional liability products do not address Internet, network and informational asset exposures and the risks involved.
  • If you have access to or save customer information, you are at risk for compromised data systems, both internally through employee theft and externally through computer hackers.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all coverage when it comes to cyber liability insurance.

We can help create the policy that best fits your risk, regardless of size or scope.

Did you know that you are legally required to provide credit reports for each of your customers should a data breach occur? At $125 each, that out-of-pocket cost could add up fast if you don’t have the right data insurance policy.

Technology Insurance: Cyber Liability for Technology Businesses

Our team of independent insurance agents at Boyle, headed by Jeff Puckett, works closely with tech-based businesses including designers, developers and programmers. Whether you run your own business out of your home or you run a large IT consulting business in the city, we know how to address your unique insurance needs. Our IT insurance packages not only include cyber liability as discussed above — we also analyze your need for professional liability insurance and workers compensation, among many others. Turn to our team to understand how to best protect your business against common and expensive risks.

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