Can Your Home Insurance Weather any Storm?

The last thing any homeowner wants to discover the morning after a terrible storm is broken windows, a ruined roof, or a destroyed deck. Dealing with the insurance company in filing a claim and seeking reimbursement is no picnic, either. The process of recovering quickly following a severe weather event can unfold much more smoothly if you are aware of what your policy covers and, more importantly, what it does not.

Most standard homeowner insurance policies cover damage from wind, hail and snow. Tornado damage would be covered as it is considered a windstorm; however, hurricanes are a different beast. Most hurricane coverage is limited and the deductibles for such protection are much higher and usually a percentage of the total policy cap. Flood damage is not covered by any standard home insurance policy, including water damage from hurricanes. A separate flood insurance policy must be purchased for these types of weather events. Earthquake damage protection is also sold as a separate rider to your standard policy.

Some insurance packages cover tree removal while others do not. It’s a good idea to remove dead trees and branches before they fall. If it is discovered that a dead tree was left on the property for years before it fell straight into the kitchen, the insurance company can deny the claim. Also remember that the majority of home insurance policies will not cover any damage to your vehicles on the property.

Homeowners should review their insurance policies every two years or so to be sure the coverage they have is sufficient, and the deductible they chose is still appropriate should they need to file a claim. A deductible that is too high can make repairing your home following a storm costlier than need be. Keep in mind that most states prohibit insurance companies from increasing your rates for filing an “Act of God” claim such as storm damage.

Our agents can assist you in this review process by identifying your insurance needs, suggesting coverage options, and finding you a number of quotes from a variety of providers. We will help you choose a policy with the best protection at the most affordable rates. Contact us to find out how your home insurance policy can weather any storm.

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